[Campaign Case Study]

Craftsman Lawnmower App Email

Smart Lawn App
Introduction Email

  • Client: Craftsman - SHC/KCD/IMX
  • Online: craftsman.com
  • Project Date: July 2016
  • Role: Graphic/Visual Designer
  • Deliverables: Email Design (Desktop & Mobile Version), Animations

The smart lawn app introduction email campaign is intended to introduce a new feature for specific mowers and products in the craftsman line. The app allows users to be able to check the status on maintenance, and effectively keep everything running smoothly.

It functions as a short introductory to the app and its features, explaining why this should be important to anyone considering a product this app works with. Research began with simply studying how apps are introduced, by looking at inspiration emails and app landing pages as different/creative and effective ways to present the app. One playful and engaging way I came to conclusion of doing, was to incorporate an animation in a couple different areas. That allows us to show how the app functions and pull in some of features/experiences they may come across while navigating it. I concluded with using the main login screen as the primary gif image, since that will be the first thing people are welcomed with when opening the app. This allows the user to get a very quick general idea of the ease of use and it basic functionality right from the start. The second animation focuses on an important feature in the app, displaying how you monitor the status of replacment parts within then app, as well as the quick easy way to reset the status once you have updated the filter for instance.

The project was great to work on, and was well received internally, as a well thought out design approach to the project. The campaign made such a great impact internally, that it was carried over to the printing dept, which picked up 85% of the design and used it for a direct mail piece.

Sketches from the process are detailed below as well as a static image of the full email. The sample email including animations is coded to the right.