Rod Sickler Salon and Spa
Logo, Brand Identity, Email Marketing, Promotions

[Case Study]


  • Client: Rod Sickler Salon and Spa
  • Online: www.rodsickler.com
  • Date: 2010-2011
  • Role: Graphic Designer
  • Deliverables: Logo, Branding, Print, Signage, Email Marketing


When I was brought onboard, I was tasked with creating a new identity that would present this salon as a top notch edgy "Rock Star", celebrity style salon.

After exploring many fonts, logotypes, and ways to rebrand it, I had to put on my rockstar mentality hat and beginning working thru this.

Research. Exploration. Preliminary Concepts.

Below is a brief synopsis of the concepts and exploration that was created to help us get to the final product.

Stage 1 was simply beginning research on competitors whether local or not, to see what was out there, what was trending, and what logotypes were standing out amongst the crowd. How were people branding not only salons, but what constitute the look of a higher end salon.

For this logo project specifically, mid way thru the research while using my "rockstar" thought process, I came up with an idea. What is the one thing that is important to a rockstar or celebrity, the one thing that makes them unique... their signature! So after coming to that conclusion, I proposed the owner take a sharpie, and simply create different variations of his signature to see how this could possibly be translated, or if it would even work.

3 comps were presented as seen above. No matter what other comp/design was created, the signature logo (far right) just seemed to be stealing the show. After it was all said and done, that was the logo that was chosen by the client, and continues to still be used today.