[Brand Case Study]

Craftsman Projects


  • Client: Craftsman - SHC/KCD/IMX
  • Online: craftsman.com
  • Date: 2012-2017
  • Role: Graphic/Visual Designer
  • Deliverables: Email Design (Desktop & Mobile Version), Animations

Working on all of the Craftsman campaigns was always a delightful new adventure. They were a creative outlet to consistently teach myself new techniques in photoshop, as well as be able to refresh some old tricks.

Most of the time the campaigns involved heavy photoshop work, from replacing an out dated model number with a current product over an already photoshop image. Cloning and duplicating backgrounds happened quite often. This was done in both the Saver Days campaign below, as well as with the animated riding mower in the shed. Both involved swapping out products beyond just turning off a layer.

More recently, I was able to work on transmiting these heavily photoshoped images to a mobile version, and still retaining legibility while making sure we are reaching our every growing mobile audience.